January 20, 2014

The End of Naps, Frozen, and a Big Relief!

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Very sadly, I think Austin is done napping.  He has been a great napper and he still goes to bed extremely easily so I can’t complain too much, but its still sad.  And nice in a way.  It’s nice to not have to work my day around his nap!  And it will be even nicer not having to coordinate his naps with the baby’s, but still…those few hours of his sleeping will be missed!  At least he is just so cute!

 2014-01-05 14 49 40

The kids have been begging us to take them to see Frozen ever since it came out.  We either just had other stuff going on every weekend or we were just too tired. When I say we, I mean me!!  But one night after Kinley had gone to bed, I could hear her crying in her room and went up to see what was wrong.  Jeremy had made her a CD of the soundtrack and she listens to it every night and during the day a lot times as well, singing and dancing her little heart out!!  Well, this night she was listening and crying and told me that she was just so sad because she loves this music so much and she knows she will love the movie just as much and just wants to see it so bad.  I came back down and informed Jer that we were going to Frozen that weekend!!  My mom and dad were up here, so they came along, too!  It was nice to have extra laps for Austin to sit on since mine is a little occupied.  They loved it, as did we, it is a really cute movie.  Now we just have to wait for it come out on DVD!

 2014-01-18 15 01 21-1

I had another follow up ultrasound to check the baby’s kidney’s again.  The Dr. could tell right away that the extra fluid was gone and everything was looking great.  She could even see the urine moving from the kidney!!  I’ve never had a professional ultrasound when I was 32 weeks and it was amazing to see so much!  We even sat and watched the baby practice his breathing, you could see his little chest moving up and down.  He is already weighing just over 5 lbs, which is a little big for that many weeks, so it looks like maybe another early delivery.  We just would like to make to past 37 weeks to give him that extra time and avoid all the preemie test they have to do.  He was not very cooperative in getting his picture taken, so all I have a cute shot of his little foot!  We are getting excited and can’t wait to meet him!


January 2, 2014

Our Crazy New Years Eve

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We had a wild and crazy New Years Eve this year (said with the most sarcasm ever)!!!  We just really wanted to stay home and not do anything.  So we put the kids to bed 8, like usual, and then I blogged and Jer played a game on the computer until 11:55. Then I got out out our little bubbly drink someone had given us, we watched the ball dropped, kissed, toasted to the new year and took a picture so that I could scrap it later!!

 2014-01-01 00 00 50

There we are, tired, no make up, but very happy with our decision to not do anything!!!  We stepped out on the deck for a second to watch the valley light up with fire works. We are looking for a new year with lots of changes!  I made a layout and listed some of them there, so it’s just easier to show that instead of typing them again!

 January 1, '14 - This Year

Happy New Year!!

December 30, 2013

Temple Square Lights

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Before my Grandma and Aunt Denise went home, we wanted to go up and see the lights at Temple Square.  It was sooo cold, but beautiful.  The kids actually did very well for how cold it was.  We ducked into buildings when it got too cold to thaw for a little bit then would venture back outside.

 2013-12-27 17 37 02

 2013-12-27 17 38 29

 2013-12-27 17 39 22

 2013-12-27 17 52 33

Kinley was starting to get pretty cold here so no smiles.

 2013-12-27 18 01 08

 2013-12-27 18 02 14

 2013-12-27 18 11 10

I wanted a picture of all of us and my Grandma didn’t think I’d dare ask someone to take our picture, but I did!!!

 2013-12-27 18 12 02

This picture shows Austin better, but its a little blurry.

 2013-12-27 18 12 07

Can you tell that the kids are done?  It was a so fun though!!  We had a great time visiting with everyone and were sad when they all left!

December 26, 2013

Christmas 2013

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Santa’s Elves were up very late Christmas Eve (3 am to be exact) but by Christmas morning the tree looked beautiful and  and all ready! 


The kids got up at 7:30 and were ready to go!




They had to go check out if Santa ate the cookies and read his note.  It’s so fun that Mason can read it now!


They they finally got to check out the tree!







Austin played with these little Minecraft stuffed toys the whole morning.  He didn’t open half his presents!!!


He took a few minutes to look at the Santa toys that weren’t wrapped.


And he stopped to have Daddy read him a new book.


The other 2 continued to rip into their presents!


I guess when my kids are happy, they hug their toys!



Had to get one of them in the Christmas jammies.



And Kinley really wanted one of her new earring holder.


After all said and done, they made the trip outside to check on the plates of carrots and oats left for the reindeer.

 2013-12-25 12 59 30

Later that day, Great Grandma and Aunt Denise arrived and then Grandma and Grandpa Stowell.  We had a wonderful dinner of prime rib!!  It was awesome and we had some great family conversation.  After Jeremy’s parents left, we all sat back and digested.  I can’t believe we didn’t take any pictures!!!

Merry Christmas!!


December 24, 2013

More Christmas Activites

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The Christmas spirit is strong in our house right now!! So much excitement and craziness and, oh my, so much hyperness!!!  The kids are so wound up!  I know it doesn’t help that its sooo cold and snowy outside, they are pretty housebound, but still…craziness.   Kinley had a fun Christmas party at school.  One day she came home dressed like reindeer.

 2013-12-18 12 10 02

She had to act like one, too.

 2013-12-18 12 09 42

Then she wore her adorable new outfit from my mom to her party.  She looks so beautiful!

 2013-12-20 08 40 36

We made gingerbread houses.  I bought a village this year so we each could make our own!!  Austin was too busy eating his and smashing it to decorate it too much.

 2013-12-21 18 37 13

He finally put some candy on after he smashed it.

 2013-12-21 18 46 24

Mason’s finished product.

 2013-12-21 18 51 07


 2013-12-21 18 50 51


 2013-12-21 18 51 15


 2013-12-21 18 51 34-1

And Austins!  So fun!

 2013-12-21 18 51 24

 2013-12-21 18 54 21

We went to Lynndyl for the annual Christmas party!  We had great food and some fun games this year.   The kids had a coloring contest.



Austin just ran around with his.


I made a Bingo game for everyone to play and some how 3 of the 4 winners were Shana, Mason, and Kinley!!  Sisi won the other one!



Austin just ran around, this kid cracks me up!











Then they all got their present from the Christmas Pie.





Austin didn’t want anything to do with his cape, so Kinley wore it.


While he helped Grandpa sweep.

 2013-12-22 16 32 25

And we also made cookies for Santa!!  Each kid got to help and they loved it!









The many faces of Austin during a 2 minutes span.










Oh, he cracks me up!!!  When we were rolling out the dough, I remember the cute aprons!







Annnnnd decorate!



or eat, if you’re Austin.





Finally ready for Santa!!!

December 20, 2013

Pierced Ears, Basketball, and Sickness

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One thing that Kinley asked for for her birthday was to get her ears pierced!!  Her friend had recently gotten hers pierced and Kinley really liked them so she wanted hers done.  She was pretty nervous, but really wanted them pierced!

Here she is at the store getting ready!


Picking her earrings.  She chose some rainbow colored flowers.


Getting nervous!!!


But excited!


Tears after the first one.  I’m so glad she got the other one though, I was afraid of that!


Looking at them through her tears.


Trying to smile for Dad!


Got a sucker, all is good.  She loves them!  Such a brave girl. I’m glad I waited and didn’t pierce them when she was a baby. I love that it was her decision and she was part of the process!


Mason was old enough to start Jr. Jazz this year. We felt like we were kind of pushing him to try it, he want too, but was nervous because he didn’t know how to dribble really good.  We comforted him and told him that no one did, this is where they learn it!  He agreed to play but a little reluctant.  Now, Mason has enjoyed each sport he has played, but he he’s just happy to run around on the soccer field or baseball field.  It was hard for Jer and I to not see any desire in him to get better!  Well, after he went to his first basketball practice, he talked about nothing else but getting a ball of his own. My parents bought him one and he spent the next week dibbling on every hard surface in our house, spent hours in the garage practicing, and begged Jeremy every night to take him to the Church so he could practice in the gym!!!!!  We are thrilled!! He not only loves it but he WANTS to practice and get better!!  Yay!!!!  I grabbed a few pictures of his first game, but they aren’t great.  It was hard as I was trying to control Austin while Jeremy helped the coach.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get some with him actually holding the ball next time.  He’s #5.

 2013-12-21 15 29 53

 2013-12-21 15 26 56

He even sat down and watched a basketball game with me on the TV!  I hope this continues!

We got to test the asthma treatments this month!  Both Kinley and Austin got a pretty bad cold.  They were both down with fevers, coughs, and rough breathing.  I ended up borrowing a nebulizer from a neighbor and doing a few breathing treatments at home, BUT no Dr. visit and no hospital visit!!  This is a big improvement as both of them were sick enough I probably would have needed to take them in before.  We will be getting a nebulizer soon, I believe!

 2013-12-14 20 17 31

Kinley only did one treatment and that was kind of just for precaution.  Austin needed several, I think we ended up doing 4 or 5 over the days he was sick, but still, I never felt like he needed steroids, which is the point of the daily inhaler.

I just have to post this picture, as I am now passed over for night time reading to Austin.  I asked him if he wanted me to read to him one night and he looked at me like I was crazy, said “No, Mommy!” grabbed his book and ran to find his Dad to read.  I love it, this picture is so sweet!

 2013-12-16 20 14 04

 2013-12-16 20 14 08


It has been on bucket list for while to eat a liege waffle from a waffle truck!  I have seen them on the food network and always wanted to try one.  Imagine my happiness when I found out there was one here in Salt Lake County!!!!  I found the schedule and the next day we drove out for one.  Luckily my husband has learned to go along with my crazy food obsessions.

 2013-12-14 12 54 21

 2013-12-14 21 23 25

They were just as delicious as I always imagined!


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